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Best North Indian Food in Andheri

Cosmopolitan Mumbai is known to be a melting-pot of different communities and cultures, making it a real treat for those who love to eat! The city has an enviable mix of old and new restaurants, serving up everything from experimental modern Indian to traditional local North Indian food. And weareamong the one of the leading name in the town.We are reckoned as one of the Best North Indian Food in Andheri, Mumbai city. We provide our Foodies with the Best North Indian Food in Andheri.

We at Sweekaar have been in the Food industry for many years now, and we’re one of Mumbai's oldest and still flourishing standalone restaurants. The menu we have has both Indian and Continental dishes. We are north Indian’s favorites as we serve the Best North Indian Food in Andheri.

Our Staff stands out for Best North Indian Food in Andheri as:

1. The service staff that we have with us is presentable
2. It shows courtesy while serving and interacting with the guests
3. Our staff tries to give creative twists to Best North Indian Food in Andheri
4. We’ve a unique pre-set menu offering enables service to be warm, friendly and pampering
5. Our Mission is to make our Customers experience grandeur and utmost elegance during visits
6. Our place is known for its quick service even home delivery is on time and the food is always fresh and warm
7. Hygiene is our prime factor which is taken care of properly.
8. We appoint staff that is cordial and helping
9. We try to give a full nawabi experience to our customer
10. The food served is always at its best presentation

The fine dining experience with us will surely take you on a culinary voyage quite unlike any other. What sets us apart is its focus on molecular gastronomy, which uses scientific principles to present classic Indian dishes in unconventional ways. The highlight and favorite dishes come straight out of the Chef’s Tasting Menu, offering signature dishes. We offer the cocktails, with an Indian twist.

Numerous Tourists have dined with us and loved the experience. Our Menuincludes many Tandoori and stewed lamb dishes. However, the menu incorporates many other variety of that falls under the Best North Indian Food in Andheri. Vegetarian items too. In that regard, the Malai Kofta and daal are known to be excellent. We serve an authentic cuisine inspired from many royal kitchens of India, offering an ambience perfect for dining that is stylish, elegant and homely.

We are known as symphony of fine dining in an ambience that complements the Best North Indian Food in Andheri. Under the guidance of the most celebrated Chefs, best gravy and curry of the city are served and not just this much, we even get the most exquisite kebabs in the land. We have spent years experimenting and researching about the ancient culinary secrets that takes into composing a delectable menu that will nail even the most tough to please gourmets.

Not just for North Indian Cuisines but we are popular for everything we offer. We’re one of the best restaurants providing the Best North Indian Food in Andheri. With so many varied cultures and even more diverse foods, there’s so much variety in North Indian cuisines likeBihari, Bhojpuri, Mughlai, Punjabi, Rajasthan and many more cuisines all holding a unique bond with each other.

North Indian cuisines are the strong central Asian influences compared to its southern or eastern counterparts. Unlike South Indian cuisines which are mostly the same in all the South Indian states; North Indian cuisines gives the diverse experience of tasting such varied dishes.

Sweekaar stands out for providing people with a perfect blend of Food and dining area. Our North Indian coastal cuisine is among the best in the city. There are multiple options available to calm down everyone's taste buds. Sweekaar is for each of you, if you want some indulgence of the North Indian Food, we servethe Best North Indian Food in Andheri. You can lean on us.

We are backed with various types of Facilities and amenities which makes it a fun place for our staffs. Not only you can enjoy good food with your friends and colleagues but get the most of it with your loved ones.

Here, you can avail Tiffin Services and also go for catering food varieties which depicts modern Indian taste, , aroma, culture and flavor. These are the essentials which make our food even more fun and enjoyable. We are Health aware and our chefs keep complete check of the ingredients they use to prepare the Best North Indian Food and this is the main reason our clients and Customers love us.

Best Chinese Food in Andheri

We’ve never been able to get over Chinese food?

Have we?

While a lot of you might like the ideal picture of Chinese cuisine, there are a lot of people who prefer the authentic Chinese that’s been served in many of the restaurants in Mumbai. Sweekaar brings to the people of Mumbai the Best Chinese Food in Andheri. Here, you’ll love the taste of Chinese food which has a touch of Indian spices and ingredients. All the Chinese dishes we have got in our Menu are Best Chinese Food in Andheri, its ideal and will comfort your taste buds. We are in the Top preferred list of restaurants that offer the best Indian Chinese food in Mumbai.

For most of us, a hearty meal of spicy noodles and wholesome of black bean sauce can surely cure uninvited mood swings and lift spirits. Mumbai takes its interest for food very seriously and when it comes to the Chinese food, the obsession seen is unmatched. Be it the Hakka Chinese or the authentic Chinese food, we Indians may have many variants of this cuisine. And none of it comes any close to the traditional food served in China but what can we say, don’t we all love a bit of desi-tadka? So we as a group try our level best to not disappoint our customer for the taste they yearn.

We bring together a perfect fine-dine experience under Best Chinese Food in Andheri and this can be done at pocket-friendly prices. We serve oriental cuisine, dim sums and sushi, and are also given a title of quick service as a delivery outlet in Andheri. Our most recommended Dishes can be easily found online. We are popularly known for our legendary and Best Chinese Food in Andheri. We provide a huge variety of dishes on our menu.

Why do we stand out?

1. We also have the Tiffin services is available for any of our customers. You can have the desserts that are added in the menu
2. We never Compromise with our clients’ needs so we are hailed for our quantity and quality of food
3. Our courteous staff will never fail to provide a happy dining experience
4. Our Team has worked hard for operating our satellite kitchen, exclusively set up to serve online and delivery orders in and around Andheri
5. We are primarily expertise in making appetizers and only focus on the food that is best loved by our clients

Food holds such an important place in our lives and heart .Food has some unique language that is known to have no boundaries and has the power in it to connect people all across the globe. Some eat to survive, some survive to eat.

We are known to honor food and serve magic on your platter. We take cooking to another level by adding secret ingredients to our food i.e. LOVE and CARE!

We are one of the Mumbai’s most favorite F&B brands, operational in Mumbai since 2011. We came into existence as a restaurant in Andheri serving Mumbai’s most original and Best Chinese Food in Andheri and the journey thereafter has been a true accomplishment.

Indian Chinese or Asian whatever your taste is Fine dine or casual whatever your style is we have got you covered. No menu is too small or too big for us. Just call for any of your mass food requirements and our catering experts and chefs will be glad to get your customized menu from the Best Chinese Food in Andheri for your specific F&B needs.

Sweekaar is one of the most affordable Food Juncture you'll spot in Andheri, Mumbai. We make no compromise on quality, and the food that we serve is nothing but short of incredible. The people find this as an amazing experience of inexpensive fine dining outlet. Adding to this is the unique art decor combined with bright lighting, and this is something we guarantee that you won't be able to resist at Sweekaar!

The interest in Chinese food over the years in India has been surprisingly rising. Well it isn’t just justifying but amazing. Our Chinese has the outstanding blast of flavors and its taste is truly unbelievable. Hence, it becomes easier for you to make a deal with our menu, when your hunger pangs hit untimely for Chinese, just search for the Best Chinese Food in Andheri, Mumbai i.e. Sweekaar. We have a list of Chinese cuisines that you can order from our Outlet.

If you‘re a real Chinese cuisine lover, our list will make you drool! Well, you can order for the best Chinese food in Mumbai from us. Order right away!